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Green Expo Forum got everyone talking about environment and sustainability!!


50+ Dignitaries


37 Speakers


800+ Delegates


40+ Media Reports

3 days of exciting events, attend by hundreds of professionals, international speakers, researchers,
experts and government officials.

The first day included opening ceremony, Sustainability Awards, announcement of the first Qatari Patent Smart Air-conditioning System and talks on climate actions in view of the Paris Agreement and carbon neutrality of sports events.

Second and third day events were mainly dialogue on sustainable built environment with focus on renewable energy and related technology as well as recognition of GSAS Service Providers and of GSAS Certified Green Professionals and their contributions to sustainability in the region.

Catch some of these exciting moments from the Green Expo Forum 2016 here!

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Carbon & Climate Change Summit (Day 1)
Sustainable Built Envirnoment Conference (Day 2)
Sustainable Built Envirnoment Conference ( Day 3 ) + Safari

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