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Sustainability Summit 2018 at a Glance


More than 700 delegates attended the two-day Sustainability Summit 2018

33 renowned speakers participated in this year’s panels and discussions

More than 133 local and international organizations and government entities participated this year

24 organizations collaborated in organizing & sponsoring the fifth edition of the sustainability summit

This is what the sustainability community had to say...

“GORD’s Sustainability Summits have been a great opportunity to present GORD Institute’s flagship building materials projects such as our novel QCOOL and CSN technologies, learn more about the latest technologies in the field of sustainability of built materials, as well as connect with likeminded sustainability experts and industry professionals.”


Dr. Ammar Elhoweris
Research Fellow

“The Sustainability Summit opened the platform for us to examine the economic and health benefits of investing in long-term policies to combat climate change and ensure a better for the upcoming generations. I believe that through such initiatives we can influence policy making and promote sustainability more effectively.”


Eng. Yaqoub Al -Matouq
President of 2018 Meeting of Parties
to the Montreal Protocol

“The summit outstandingly gathers sustainability experts and industry professionals from local and international organizations to celebrate outstanding sustainability initiatives from around the world and propose innovative solutions to combat climate change.”


Ahmad Al-Hashami
Public Works Authority

“The Sustainability Summit is a great opportunity for energy experts to discuss the latest innovative technologies in the field of energy, and exchange ideas that shall not only impact our industry but change the world.”


Didier Marginedes
Vice President
Blue Solutions

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